Exhibit : A / C A R T O G R A P H Y

:: artist as mapmaker ::

Highly curated collection of visual art + poetry + essay + sound. Each issue is handsewn + editioned (50 total)

Featuring Works From:

-Will Alexander
-Samuel Allen Taylor
-Lou Beach
-Bunny Brains
-Anita Bryan
-Paula De Solminihac
-Colleen Donovan
-Cream Dream
-Loren Erdrich
-Willian Fields
-Hazy Mountain Mystique
-Antoni Hidalgo
-Cassandra Klos
-Amelia Konow
-Carlos Lara
-Michael Larrain
-Nathaniel Mackey
-Ana Martinez
-Sarah Nance
-Dennys Navas
-John Olson
-Jen Reimer + Max Stein
-Robert Ruckman
-Danielle Savage
-Julian Semilian
-Emilio Seraquive
-Fern Silva
-Duane Slick
-Gerald Slota
-Susana Wald
-Jayoung Yoon

Exhibit : A / C A R T O G R A P H Y

$35 CAD + shipping 
(for the time being,  please contact hello@evidenceannual.co with all orders)

Paperback / Coptic Stitch
Limited Edition of 50

Curated by Jean-Jacques Martinod + Bretta Walker
Design + Production by Bretta Walker
Printed between Asheville, NC, USA + Montréal, QC, CA